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Re: [APOSTOLIC CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST(PHIL.),Inc.] Click photo view sex
2015-04-04 11:38:00

Re: [APOSTOLIC CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST(PHIL.),Inc.] Click photo view sex

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Elvira Quilladas commented on Melyn Quiroz's post in APOSTOLIC CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST(PHIL.),Inc.
Elvira Quilladas
Elvira Quilladas 4:37pm Apr 4
Untag dis Plssssssd.....
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Glenn Biol WaMelda
Glenn Biol WaMelda4:37pm Apr 4
This happens to my page also. One of them had posted something. Bad fortunately i do some precautions like filtering posts before it appears publicly. Lets be united in prayer for the world has grown desperately wicked. So its our duty and responsibility for souls. Lets do the Fathers work. God bless us all.
Jhie Fiel Tacder
Jhie Fiel Tacder4:37pm Apr 4
Hoi!!!! Melyn quiroz malibog ka ba???
Jason Kyle Graellos
Jason Kyle Graellos4:36pm Apr 4
Weng Mabunga Villar
Weng Mabunga Villar4:36pm Apr 4
Aq rin naloka bigla eh christian group ito tapos nagpost ng ganitong video at tinag pa. Naku naman.... Baka hacker na naman to na nanggamit ng fb ng may fb... Kindly explain urself ms na nag post
Charina Camus Dote
Charina Camus Dote4:35pm Apr 4
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Melyn Quiroz
Melyn Quiroz4:06pm Apr 4
Click photo view sex
Sarah Geronimo mang-aawit sa kanyang kasintahan
 Sexvideo Sarah Geronimo mang-aawit sa kanyang kasintahan ^.^ kiki isang mabilis na pagtingin sa bak...

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