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Re: [Atchup Davao™] kinsa gusto mg eB???
2015-05-05 13:57:03
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Re: [Atchup Davao™] kinsa gusto mg eB???

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Ruki Yamada Shoyo commented on Ethel May Atilano Traya's post in Atchup Davao™.
Ruki Yamada Shoyo
Ruki Yamada Shoyo 10:57pm May 5
kana sa maravillas ta
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Pepoy Estopito
Pepoy Estopito10:56pm May 5
cno tnatanung mo ruki?
Kurtcobain Carin Paniamogan
Kurtcobain Carin Paniamogan10:56pm May 5
sa matina diay sa amoa ky naa man space dd2 para sa a2.a pwede pod mag shut2x dd2
Archie Gallego
Archie Gallego10:56pm May 5
ani nlng davao ta din sa maravellas or beach club? wag muna samal kc 1st eb pa
Ruki Yamada Shoyo
Ruki Yamada Shoyo10:55pm May 5
asa diay inyo bai?
Archie Gallego
Archie Gallego10:54pm May 5
kya nga.... bka kc
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Ethel May Atilano Traya
Ethel May Atilano Traya12:24pm May 5
kinsa gusto mg eB???

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