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2015-06-30 01:37:30
To: Micoy Urdaneta Turing Rapay


Received: 2015-06-30 01:37:30
Conversation with Anthony M. Aureo, Princess Denise Dela Cruz, Russell D. Napa, Joshua Aguilar, Char Lene, Micoy Rapay, Diana Rose Isanan, Cherrybel Capule, Lannie Asiodche, Niel S. Gabuna, Jessie Jumadiao, Ian Vergara, Karl Santos, Marvin Tanquezon, Clarijoy Retiza Lagutao, Jas Ends, Charryvie DelaCruz Garcia, Yhan Tubo, Faith Paula Sophia Guibani and Patrick Charles Tambong
Charryvie DelaCruz Garcia
Russell D. Napa 28 June 13:58
HAHAHA. tongue emoticon
Charryvie DelaCruz Garcia
Karl Santos 29 June 21:04
CGE ok lng !! smile emoticon
Charryvie DelaCruz Garcia
Princess Denise Dela Cruz 29 June 21:05
Yabang mo naman rapay porket naka nips na filter ka. unsure emoticon
Charryvie DelaCruz Garcia
Karl Santos 29 June 21:08
Maganda na ngayon c rapay , kaya wag kaung ano jan!! XD
Charryvie DelaCruz Garcia
Charryvie DelaCruz Garcia 30 June 09:07
Megende telege yen!

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