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Re: [~zweet LOVERZ friend'z~] Pirmission to post
2015-05-24 15:42:38
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Re: [~zweet LOVERZ friend'z~] Pirmission to post

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Haertbreaker Addictedtoou commented on her photo in ~zweet LOVERZ friend'z~.
Haertbreaker Addictedtoou
Haertbreaker Addictedtoou 8:42am May 24
Masmabuti nayung biglaan para hind ako maonahan marz
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Haertbreaker Addictedtoou
Haertbreaker Addictedtoou8:41am May 24
Ok na add na kita matagal na accept munalang ako marz f u welling me US's a friends..
Mer'z Nufuar
Mer'z Nufuar8:40am May 24
Nice .....biglaan nmn.
Haertbreaker Addictedtoou
Haertbreaker Addictedtoou8:39am May 24
Ang ganda mu pala marz mahihiya naman ako sau
Mer'z Nufuar
Mer'z Nufuar8:39am May 24
Haertbreaker Addictedtoou
Haertbreaker Addictedtoou8:38am May 24
Bitaw marz pa add ha accept mo ako mahal panaman kita
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Original Post
Haertbreaker Addictedtoou
Haertbreaker Addictedtoou4:46am May 23
Pirmission to post
Good evz creatresss
#ofs pasaway lang hap..
#no kj
#no snoob
SInO nga ba dito sa group ang gusto mo mention the name hah,,,,
#totoy comment kana...
#labas mga amew. No.kj

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