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Re: [FB Most Wanted] Oh! San kayo jan pilina!
2015-06-24 11:59:14
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Re: [FB Most Wanted] Oh! San kayo jan pilina!

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Sarang Hae-yo Dhielz commented on Ma Aileen E Evasco's photo in FB Most Wanted.
Sarang Hae-yo Dhielz
Sarang Hae-yo Dhielz 7:59pm Jun 24
dlang kau marunung maglaru ng dota kaya ganyan kau. Ahaha. Coc dali lang eh
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Airra XD
Airra XD7:58pm Jun 24
Jerol Perez
Jerol Perez7:58pm Jun 24
Bulok dota, sa LOL kayo, kac mga bobo kayu sa DOTA ! :P
Jestine Basabe
Jestine Basabe7:58pm Jun 24
wala sa dalawa :D
Alfie Gamongan Gigante
Alfie Gamongan Gigante7:58pm Jun 24
Kelley Bernardino
Kelley Bernardino7:58pm Jun 24
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Ma Aileen E Evasco
Ma Aileen E Evasco5:26pm Jun 24
Oh! San kayo jan pilina!
Paadd narin thanks!

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