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Re: [Nagseselos Ako Dahil Mahal Kita] Kaloka O Kalokalike :)
2015-07-15 00:40:22
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Re: [Nagseselos Ako Dahil Mahal Kita] Kaloka O Kalokalike :)

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Jesus Zoldyck commented on Jiyeon Patience's post in Nagseselos Ako Dahil Mahal Kita.
Jesus Zoldyck
Jesus Zoldyck 8:40am Jul 15
tsss...sarap batukan
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Joven Flores
Joven Flores8:19am Jul 15
,puta edi wow
Kenneth Clorion
Kenneth Clorion8:18am Jul 15
Kalokalokaloka kang muka!
Susan Bacatan Rosales
Susan Bacatan Rosales8:17am Jul 15
Jessica Jote
Jessica Jote8:15am Jul 15
Racky Paderes
Racky Paderes8:08am Jul 15
. .kalurong. .haha
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Jiyeon Patience
Jiyeon Patience5:35pm Jul 14
Kaloka O Kalokalike :)
July 14, 2015

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