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2015-06-09 23:52:17
To: Lailani Reyes


Received: 2015-06-09 23:52:17
Conversation with Veronica Diaz Cruz, Margie Casupang, Ednaliza Rioflorido Garcia, Mayet Limbo, Maila Ramos Taunan, Shinz Alonzo, Bob Quijalvo, Demosthenes Soriano, Manuel Zingapan, Jully Ram, Bel Guevarra, Norms Talavs, Lailani Reyes, ArYani Campos, Dannie Osorio, Janet Baldomar Losinio, Romel Gatila, Reynante Roxas Malano, Carmela L. Sudayan and Almarie F. Morales
ArYani Campos
Demosthenes Soriano 7:02am Jun 10
  • 5학년 티니클링.mp4
ArYani Campos
Demosthenes Soriano 7:03am Jun 10
  • 대나무춤스텝 안무_흑곰쌤.mp4
ArYani Campos
Demosthenes Soriano 7:06am Jun 10
  • 점프밴드 - jump band.mp4
ArYani Campos
Janet Baldomar Losinio 7:06am Jun 10
ArYani Campos
Demosthenes Soriano 7:08am Jun 10
  • 점프밴드 -아무것도몰라요.mp4
ArYani Campos
Shinz Alonzo 7:08am Jun 10
Ang galing Kuya Demos! I salute you...
ArYani Campos
Reynante Roxas Malano 7:09am Jun 10
Grave! Having no Malay.
Ano daw ung message ko?! Ang galing mo lakay yun pards hahha
ArYani Campos
Dannie Osorio 7:55am Jun 10
Galing galing tay. Astigin.
ArYani Campos
Romel Gatila 7:56am Jun 10
ArYani Campos
ArYani Campos 8:22am Jun 10
Ang galing kuya! Salute🇵🇭🇵🇭

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