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Re: [Nagseselos Ako Dahil Mahal Kita] kawawa nman
2015-06-15 20:06:08
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Re: [Nagseselos Ako Dahil Mahal Kita] kawawa nman

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Mary Jane Abayabay commented on John C Pabalate Jr.'s photo in Nagseselos Ako Dahil Mahal Kita.
Mary Jane Abayabay
Mary Jane Abayabay 4:06am Jun 16
wagas aa ! hanggang KAMATAYAN
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Saintmark Cadorna
Saintmark Cadorna3:51am Jun 16
Angelica Lopez Bianes
Angelica Lopez Bianes3:46am Jun 16
Kim Jung Young
Kim Jung Young2:20am Jun 16
Hala.!!! Till death do us part cgro theme song nla .. :( RIP
Heartlyn Jarabe
Heartlyn Jarabe2:19am Jun 16
Tsugihara Merida
Tsugihara Merida1:55am Jun 16
Sana mbuhay o cla
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John C Pabalate Jr.
John C Pabalate Jr.3:06pm Jun 15
kawawa nman

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