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Re: [Nagseselos Ako Dahil Mahal Kita] Meron nga ba?
2015-06-13 05:07:20
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Re: [Nagseselos Ako Dahil Mahal Kita] Meron nga ba?

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Jeanmarie Vinoya Apostol commented on Maritony Eugenio Candido's photo in Nagseselos Ako Dahil Mahal Kita.
Jeanmarie Vinoya Apostol
Jeanmarie Vinoya Apostol 1:07pm Jun 13
Walang forever
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Ingrid Xd Banagan
Ingrid Xd Banagan1:07pm Jun 13
Ella Corpuz
Ella Corpuz1:06pm Jun 13
wla pero sa langit meron
Hans Leslie Mhla Kita
Hans Leslie Mhla Kita1:06pm Jun 13
Melenio Ando Dalaguit
Melenio Ando Dalaguit1:06pm Jun 13
Shushicah S. Shuchi
Shushicah S. Shuchi1:06pm Jun 13
meron kami ni #_____
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Maritony Eugenio Candido
Maritony Eugenio Candido10:55am Jun 13
Meron nga ba?

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