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Re: [Atchup Davao™] kinsa gusto mg eB???
2015-05-05 15:24:20
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Re: [Atchup Davao™] kinsa gusto mg eB???

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New Titan Black commented on Ethel May Atilano Traya's post in Atchup Davao™.
New Titan Black
New Titan Black 12:24am May 6
clacla rbay!
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Archie Gallego
Archie Gallego11:40pm May 5
kinsay naa motor dri nga singgol na tga davao?
Pepoy Estopito
Pepoy Estopito11:38pm May 5
Archie Gallego
Archie Gallego11:38pm May 5
singgol diay haha??a
Archie Gallego
Archie Gallego11:37pm May 5
kinsay naay motor dri nga singlo?
Ruki Yamada Shoyo
Ruki Yamada Shoyo11:16pm May 5
yaw na pag dala kay kusog kusog pd na cya bai depende sa cp nimo kung kusog ang volume
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Original Post
Ethel May Atilano Traya
Ethel May Atilano Traya12:24pm May 5
kinsa gusto mg eB???

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