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M G A U L O L S A C 4
2015-06-25 11:28:01
To: Taylor Daphne Reign Arnaiz

M G A U L O L S A C 4

Received: 2015-06-25 11:28:01
Conversation with Mary Rose Austria Davadilla, Kyla Real, Darlene Tracy De Guzman, Domenick Espino, Ronamae Grimes, Agian Agana, Zenki San Rafael, Kate Manuela Nicole, Archie Bautista, Trishanicole Tacorda, Jan Railey Davadilla Austria, Taylor Daphne Reign Arnaiz and Kristine Real
Ronamae Grimes
Kate Manuela Nicole 6:57pm Jun 25
hoy ikaw zenki indi kaman lang nag paalam samen ?
Ronamae Grimes
Kristine Real 6:58pm Jun 25
oo nga bulbol ka??
Ronamae Grimes
Ronamae Grimes 6:58pm Jun 25
oo nga

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