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New messages from Arvin and Marygrace
2015-06-29 16:14:10
To: Arvin Ballesteros

New messages from Arvin and Marygrace

Received: 2015-06-29 16:14:10
Arvin Ballesteros
Marygrace Bolante 1:09am Jun 29
Cge kpag meron
Arvin Ballesteros
Marygrace Bolante 4:36am Jun 29
Bka gabe na
Bussy kse ako lgee??
Arvin Ballesteros
Marygrace Bolante 7:21am Jun 29
Ou ehj
Ndii may mga ka chat pa kse ako !

Arvin Ballesteros
Arvin Ballesteros 7:44am Jun 29
Conversation History
Arvin Ballesteros
Arvin Ballesteros1:10am Jun 29
Hanap mo nga ako work jan.
Ngaun kna mag hanap. Kc maaga pa
Arvin Ballesteros
Arvin Ballesteros4:37am Jun 29
Ohh.. ano na??
Ano oras kako?;)
Ganun?? Sbagay. Nsa work ka nMan ehj
Arvin Ballesteros
Arvin Ballesteros7:28am Jun 29
2log mo na yan oyy!!
Nag ppa kundisyon ka??
Ahj kya pla ehj.

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