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New messages from Mary Aice and Aft Danica
2015-06-22 08:39:28
To: Aft Ciara Mae Floria

New messages from Mary Aice and Aft Danica

Received: 2015-06-22 08:39:28
Conversation with Mary Aice QtQt, Adm MA RI Car, Zaira PalcotiLo, Bhaby Jhen Guarin, Sanny Jave, Aft Jesus Bhabie Maria, Aft Netskie Yowyow, Monica Pabebe XD, Aft Danica Palcon, Mhicang Patsik, Aft Maria, Jeralyn Galos and Aft Ciara Mae Floria
Mary Aice QtQt
Aft Danica Palcon 4:09pm Jun 22
; Sus Ang Drama mo Loko colonthree emoticon
; Pede Ka Sa Tv Mga AFT Pa unsure emoticon
; sinisisi Mo A Ang Kapal A upset emoticon
Mary Aice QtQt
Mary Aice QtQt 4:10pm Jun 22
; di ako nagdadrama sinasabe ko lg kung anong nararamdaman ko tsaka si kakay nagsabe na kayo ung nagsabe sa kanya?

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