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tropang tipay Xd
2015-05-25 22:55:51
To: Jhanine Ortega

tropang tipay Xd

Received: 2015-05-25 22:55:51
Conversation with Yssa Aerba Dust XD, Zenji S. Jordan, Cheke Selerio Cabalquinto, Edmar Enriquez, Aren L Ceñido, Jay Aleria XD, Arr S. Arran, Nicole Brookenwood, Merchant Cuare, Aldmarie Villavelez, Jhanine Ortega, Grace Galimba, Khim TakGu, Pangan Jefferson Gerbolingo, Airene Pongase, Rick Raven, Dimple Ken Fajardo I, Irene Pongase and Airene Pongase
Grace Galimba
Aren L Ceñido 6:56pm May 25
Grace Galimba
Grace Galimba 7:58pm May 25
kaka_bukas kO lang .. rentoT
Grace Galimba
Grace Galimba 8:28pm May 25
di kO na ma_opEn aCc. kO
Grace Galimba
Pangan Jefferson Gerbolingo 11:06pm May 25
salamat cheke kiss emoticon
Grace Galimba
Cheke Selerio Cabalquinto 11:44pm May 25
Hey wc ulit pangan
Grace Galimba
Grace Galimba 6:25am May 26

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