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Re: [BESTLIKERS Profile_Pic & Improve FOLLOWERS] FS or FL
2015-07-07 12:56:36
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Re: [BESTLIKERS Profile_Pic & Improve FOLLOWERS] FS or FL

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Danmark Yim Loyola commented on Johnkevin Vergara's photo in BESTLIKERS Profile_Pic & Improve FOLLOWERS.
Danmark Yim Loyola
Danmark Yim Loyola 7:56pm Jul 7
kain muh yan
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Bozz Joseph
Bozz Joseph7:30pm Jul 7
my FOREVER True iyan ? kaya Lg Wala Kc BITTER Ka Right :D
Shierly Anthony Aguilon
Shierly Anthony Aguilon7:27pm Jul 7
totoo yan
Ylzed T. Judaya
Ylzed T. Judaya7:25pm Jul 7
anong walang forever ehh sinabi ng lahat na word na forever ... kaya mirung forever.. BOOM.............
Nomer Crawford Gusabas
Nomer Crawford Gusabas7:22pm Jul 7
Who cares Bitch! ./.
Mae Hayson
Mae Hayson7:13pm Jul 7
bat mo nasabi?
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Johnkevin Vergara
Johnkevin Vergara8:07am Jul 7
FS or FL

no TS

iLan taon kana?
PaG ka saMe kitaH Fs@Fl kitaH

#Game :)

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