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tkd chAts<CRAZY univ.
2015-05-16 08:51:51
To: John Paul Quilitorio

tkd chAts<CRAZY univ.

Received: 2015-05-16 08:51:51
Conversation with Enrico De Guzman Reyes, Johnpaul Quilitorio, Deanne Meredor Degracia, Navi Gaylon, Mike Jerald Avila, Kix Razzer, Angel Joy Ibesa, Mryjy Balajadia Mabansag, Robert John Franza Tabo, Phot Phot Azarcon and Roel Salidaga
Roel Salidaga
Kix Razzer 8:56am May 15
Roel Salidaga
Mryjy Balajadia Mabansag 9:53am May 15
Ikaw lang kuya jerome haha.
Roel Salidaga
Kix Razzer 10:31am May 15
Haha kaya nga ie
Roel Salidaga
Roel Salidaga 3:36pm May 16
Anung meron?
Roel Salidaga
Kix Razzer 4:21pm May 16
Wala po bos
Roel Salidaga
Roel Salidaga 4:22pm May 16
Haha kamustA koya?
Roel Salidaga
Kix Razzer 4:24pm May 16
OK LNG koya balita ko nagaaral kdaw ahj
Roel Salidaga
Roel Salidaga 4:25pm May 16
Oo mahal. Haha

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