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FaceBooK sweet'
2015-07-30 09:02:00
To: Mariel Grave

FaceBooK sweet'

Received: 2015-07-30 09:02:00
Conversation with Andro Escalante, Wilme Mangompit, Mikaella Jongay, Gerald Ampong, Arvin Corpuz, Jeszel S Delacruz, Mariel Grave, Mikay Race and Sandro Etanlacse
Arvin Corpuz
Gerald Ampong 7:30am Jul 30
Hai gc
Arvin Corpuz
Andro Escalante 7:30am Jul 30
Iloveyoutoo haliwaw 'whaha
Arvin Corpuz
Mikaella Jongay 7:30am Jul 30
Halimaw kajn
upakan kta
Arvin Corpuz
Arvin Corpuz 7:32am Jul 30
ang tweet
Arvin Corpuz
Gerald Ampong 7:33am Jul 30
Asan asawa mo vintot
Arvin Corpuz
Andro Escalante 7:33am Jul 30
Whaha tweeter
Arvin Corpuz
Arvin Corpuz 7:34am Jul 30
tulog pah ata
Arvin Corpuz
Gerald Ampong 7:35am Jul 30
Gesingin mo ...c ate haha kong maka utos vintot no ...
Arvin Corpuz
Arvin Corpuz 7:35am Jul 30
pabayaan moh muna para maka rest naman
Arvin Corpuz
Mikaella Jongay 7:36am Jul 30
0h,plameg muna aq ng uTak q guys
liGO lng ako
Arvin Corpuz
Arvin Corpuz 7:37am Jul 30
hahaha marunong kah palang maligu
Arvin Corpuz
Andro Escalante 7:38am Jul 30
utak talaga ung maliligo.
Arvin Corpuz
Mikaella Jongay 7:39am Jul 30
0u naman vmt0t!l0ko ka hah, ahahaha
Arvin Corpuz
Mikaella Jongay 7:39am Jul 30
Ksma na uTak
ge bAb0sh!!
Mahal ko andro IL0VEY0U PO
Arvin Corpuz
Andro Escalante 7:39am Jul 30
Nahawakan muh mahalimaw ko ung utok m.
Arvin Corpuz
Arvin Corpuz 7:40am Jul 30
hahahaha halika dto ligu tau sa swimingpool
Arvin Corpuz
Mikaella Jongay 7:41am Jul 30
0u mahal nahawakan qo uTOk qo .ahaha,
ge vint0t ahaha
Arvin Corpuz
Andro Escalante 7:41am Jul 30
maliligo kb o ndie,
Arvin Corpuz
Mikaella Jongay 7:42am Jul 30
Malilgo xmpRE
SN0B mu msg qo hah!
Grrr :-|
Arvin Corpuz
Arvin Corpuz 8:31am Jul 30
waray ayu moh asa nman moh.uie

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