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Re: [Tambayan ng mga cute..!] Click view dramatic video appeal
2015-04-01 15:41:54
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Re: [Tambayan ng mga cute..!] Click view dramatic video appeal

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Ann Patricio commented on Jenny Calabrosojenny's post in Tambayan ng mga cute..!
Ann Patricio
Ann Patricio 9:11pm Apr 1
hahaha,,kahiya sa tumitngin dto,,
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Vanessa Garilva
Vanessa Garilva9:10pm Apr 1
weeew ! daw ma tubuan man tani high blood man...
Ann Patricio
Ann Patricio9:10pm Apr 1
hmm no comment,,makati cguro kya d na tiis nagpa kamot,,ohh anu girl,,sarap ba,?
Maryjean Pabuaya
Maryjean Pabuaya9:07pm Apr 1
Jajaja....buti pa Antonie Lauderez kaya keep quite nlng......
Ralph Espadera
Ralph Espadera9:07pm Apr 1
Latibay..!.. ya kdamak bha
Ailyn Paglinawan
Ailyn Paglinawan9:07pm Apr 1
Hala teh nagtrending kna hppy kna? 󾮖󾮖󾮞
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Jenny Calabrosojenny
Jenny Calabrosojenny8:31pm Apr 1
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