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Re: [Tropang Adikdots Na Makukulit at Pasaway In Ka dito] Entry #6 "SINGLE MOM AND DAD TEAM"
2015-07-19 15:26:11
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Re: [Tropang Adikdots Na Makukulit at Pasaway In Ka dito] Entry #6 "SINGLE MOM AND DAD TEAM"

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Brex Luna commented on Derickson Bernardino's photo in Tropang Adikdots Na Makukulit at Pasaway In Ka dito.
Brex Luna
Brex Luna 11:25pm Jul 19
Tnx sis Ianne Luna
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Guys paamot lng po ng likes

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Foolish Heart11:23pm Jul 19
Wc fren
Brex Luna
Brex Luna11:21pm Jul 19
Tnx fren Foolish Heart
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Original Post
Derickson Bernardino
Derickson Bernardino7:34am Jul 17

♡happy first monthsary♡
→Tropang adikdots na makukulit Pasaway in ka dito←
★Event tittle★

Event start july 17 2015
time start:8am pinas time

Event end: july 24 2015
Time end:8pm pinas time

→rules and mechanics← gate.----- open support

2. Avoid adding fake id,fake account

3.any violation regarding to the only above or any entry we will give a warning and deduct..

→Auto mention/swapping/tagging/fast loading/auto like-→ike deduction→50 likes
→2nd- 100 likes
→3rd- delete entry

4.. No fighting/ bad coment or offensive comments on the entry

5.. Be fair honest and have respect to your co contenders.

6....contenders must be responsible with your own entry and pay attention to the rules

7...avoinding socializing gossip(kwentuhan)inside the entry..
󾮜Fighting inside the entry- minus 150 likes

󾮜Sa laht ng contenders bawal gumamit ng screenshot pra lng mag sumbong sa mga admin...
.→using screenshot for contenders- minus 100 likes
(.note)admin lng ang pwedeng gumamit ng screenshot pra sa mga mawawarningan
󾮜mumu,tattoos,baby,cars,house,flowers,foreigner profile pic.etc.strictly not approve by admins..
(Note)󾬁pag nakita namin ang mga ito na nag like sa entry niu may deduction...
→1 like-like deduction= 10 likes...

9.. Admins are not allowed to support/campaign any entry
10...f any prob. Report to the management on this group.. dont post in tropang adikdot makukulit na pasaway in ka dito group wall..

11.the entry got higher likes will declared as a winner...

Sa laht ng mananalo 5 days before claime the prize...

→Event sponsors←
󾮜First winner󾮛
→Yurie san luis
→haidee pedrozo mimis
→bert rondilla
→derickson bernardino
→Rona ignacio ortis

󾮜2nd winner󾮛
→Ed david
→palanggah ko zel
→asseram buenavista

󾮜3rd winner󾮛
→Brian goso
→yoj enitsirk gayad yagura

󾮜4th winner󾮛
→Cherryl abillar...

Hintyin ang tamang oras bgo mag mention...
...pag my nkita na my like agad ang entry na wala pa sa oras automatic deduct 1o likes

.... follow the rules to all the contenders....

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