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2015-04-05 09:49:57
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Venice Anne Peroja Carpio commented on Diana Aquino Laylay's post in Pinoy Logics and Answer.
Venice Anne Peroja Carpio
Venice Anne Peroja Carpio 3:49pm Apr 5
ayy. tapos na pala :3 haist bano bayun?
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AishaLyn Uy
AishaLyn Uy3:49pm Apr 5
bru salamat sa mention ^___^
Venice Anne Peroja Carpio
Venice Anne Peroja Carpio3:47pm Apr 5
Diana Aquino Laylay
Diana Aquino Laylay3:46pm Apr 5
Gate closed :v next time ulu :D
Rosette Gadores
Rosette Gadores3:45pm Apr 5
AishaLyn Uy
AishaLyn Uy3:45pm Apr 5
namali pala ung kita ko ^___^ bru nagmadali ako kaya pala mali ung dulo ^___^ v pala
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Diana Aquino Laylay
Diana Aquino Laylay11:06am Apr 5
#DianaCodingSystem :v

Pupunta tayong Party :v
Pero bago ka makapasok ibibigay mo muna ang Code mo
Ang code ko ay #17A4

Ikaw anong code mo?
Diana Aquino Laylay= #17A4

1. Marj XD #6J13
2. Norman Estimada Diaz Jr. #20N14
3. James Munar #10S10
4. Chickie Faye Salvatierra Baes #26E3
5. Cramznerol Remolin #17L3
6. Luffy Dragneel #13Y12
7. Bert Gonzales Santos #18A2
8.Kim Cabangis #11M11
9.Grace Bulahan #12E7
10. AishaLyn Uy #10N1

Sarado na :D

:v Pasok na Planianz

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