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2015-04-01 09:49:19
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Conversation with Mae Miguel, Elaijah Larazi Gonzales, Reine Louisa Marie Cunanan, Ritch Jerielyn Halili, Andrew Emmanuel Robles, Kristine Angela A. Ignacio, Kei Ü Delos Santos, Harold Zhin Solomon, Jasmine Ramos, Dencel J De Guzman, Franz Meynard Pablo, James Cedrick Villanueva, Ardee Deogracias, Nheng Elvie Paunal, Given Jimenez, Rhiks Garcia Horan, Justine Marcelo, Michaeljustin Salomon and Mae Miguel
James Cedrick Villanueva
Ritch Jerielyn Halili 1:59pm Apr 1

FORWARD MO. Sa 20 persons MASAYA TO !
if kaaway mo ako reply: "WEW"
if friend mo ako reply: "PST"
if crush mo ako reply: "HELLO"
if mahal mo ako reply: "UY"
if gusto mo akong maging bf/gf reply:"EHEM"
if bestfriend mo ko reply: "CUTE"
if gusto mo akong maging asawa reply: "NAKS"
if makulit ako reply: "HEY"
pagkatapos magreply forward agad sa iba:D
Magkakaalaman na.....
James Cedrick Villanueva
James Cedrick Villanueva 2:19pm Apr 1
Abraham lam mo na sa april six ah

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