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Tuesday 16th Bitcoin Forecast
2015-06-17 11:05:18
To: sourd

Tuesday 16th Bitcoin Forecast

Received: 2015-06-17 11:05:18

Market Commentary (BTC):   
At this point, we feel good about staying in the (NEW) short ProTrade that was issued yesterday given our stop at 242 $ was missed by $0.01 and price has subsequently pulled back down slightly below 240 $. 

We will now move our stop to the top of the OTE short zone (79% Fib) at 243 $, as if this is taken out prior to a retest of support around 230 $ then we will take the loss as prices rise to the 250 $ resistance level. 

 If that get taken out, we may be in a LT reversal, but it is still too early for that kind of talk.  One thing at a time...  

**Bitcoin ProTrade [Updated on 6/15; Entered on 6/15 @ 238.25 $]:**

Get short at 238 $ with a tight stop at 243 $ and targets at 230 $ and 226 $.

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