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Re: [Anime Drawings] Hello co-anime lovers dyan :DD
2015-03-31 02:32:23
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Re: [Anime Drawings] Hello co-anime lovers dyan :DD

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Dianne Sarmiento commented on her photo in Anime Drawings.
Dianne Sarmiento
Dianne Sarmiento 9:32am Mar 31
thank you ^__^ i have COORED REFERENCE on that i just change its backgraound a bit and make itgraphite with charocal ^_^
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Berna AR
Berna AR8:15am Mar 31
realistic drawing sugoii (y)
Hafesa Hafesa
Hafesa Hafesa7:44am Mar 31
Very nice
Dianne Sarmiento
Dianne Sarmiento1:15am Mar 31
Ndi ko po ginoogle yan. Opo may colored reference ako pero ako po talaga nagdrawing nyan. ginawa ko siyang graphite and charcoal
Zusmoshiteto Ponce XD
Zusmoshiteto Ponce XD9:12pm Mar 30
Kent Adrian
Kent Adrian8:18pm Mar 30
nakita ko yan
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Dianne Sarmiento
Dianne Sarmiento9:13pm Mar 29
Hello co-anime lovers dyan :DD
pa share lang po ng gawa ko hihi ♥ ^_^ (y)

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