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2015-04-13 11:35:57
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Bhaby Hhoney LoVe commented on Khah Rhiene's photo in HoMe SwEeT HoMe GrOuP...
Bhaby Hhoney LoVe
Bhaby Hhoney LoVe 4:35pm Apr 13
Done Ioram Roma
Like back po plzz = tnxpohh
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Ioram Roma
Ioram Roma4:33pm Apr 13
Pa like comment done plzzz bawal suport tnkzz Grace Felongco Elsie Minao Pelare Elaine Navarte Villacastel Ejhaine Maye Lariosa Chris Jude Blanco Clouie Camugao Arbol Caps Luck Bhaby Hhoney LoVe Bai Jonaisa E Salik Acoh Xie Varayz Anthony Ilagan
Ioram Roma
Ioram Roma4:13pm Apr 13
Pa like ako plzz tnkzz Bert Hope G. Aquino Ariel Caninit Anularim Slofar Rebma Ace Nalang Ram Vayson Loraine Lutiva Salveh Lorete Yo Tina Lamee Üv Mi Yan Vallecer
Sarah Gutierrez
Sarah Gutierrez3:45pm Apr 13
Ioram Roma→→ DONE
Ioram Roma
Ioram Roma3:44pm Apr 13
PA LIKE COMMENT DONE PLZZ TNKZZ BAWAL SUPORT ... Zyciel Deocades Zxeu Lhern Zushaine Dimaano Yhanq Anduyo Lacadin Trixie Mae Garcia Trebor Oniuqa Sweethoney RixAnne Sophia Gonzales Shayne Rawan Sarah Gutierrez Salvie Oras Sally Hachero Ruvie Carillo Abrenica Rubylyn Barilea Rosebelle Tucino Tacayon Rolando Manila Richris Dela Cruz Rhea Viray Perez Reyes Arañez Cathrina Red Lhady Dhevil Raselle Ramos Queency Hannah So PriNcess NiiCo XD Pop Korn Alejandro Paidza Mangudadatu Mamasalagat Oracion Evolniw Nomis Lamresqua Wancali Nhicole Khate Mercado Ayalde Mybabylove Rowen Mixzucanashii Love
Mapagmahal Na Kaaway
Mapagmahal Na Kaaway3:31pm Apr 13
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Khah Rhiene
Khah Rhiene1:59am Apr 10
(((Open gate)))

1-add ur maximum
friends to likes and comment your entry.

2- fast loading,autolikes,taggaing and sharing, also automention strictly not allowed,,
automatic D.Q

Note. Multiple account not allowed automatic D.Q.

NOTE.... automation not allowed. automatic.D.Q

3- mind your own entry,fighting no bad words comments any contender violating the rules under the entey will be automatic.D.Q

4-give respect the official,staff of tje group.official,staff are not allowed to compaign any entry,but allowed to like.

5-NOTED....likes found in your entry without mutual friends maximum( 75 likes).... automatic D.Q

Note.....without 750 likes no consulation prize.

6- highest votes or like will be declared the winner.

7- enjoy the games and gudluck.

8- creator and admins are not allowed to sopport any entry but we can hit a like for all entries so that we will be fair and square.any problem that might occur please fell free to inform our creator and admins respectively

9- paalala s mga man lalaro,,,,,,,mag laro ng maayos para ndi masayang ang pagud.godbless all!!

10,,,,,, attention po sa lahat ng contenders!!!!
Remind ko lng po na bawal ang swapping...
Be pair lng po!!
Sasabhin ko po sa inyo wag kayo magugulat ..dkayo makakalusot. YAN ANG TANDAAN NYO!! Dinamin kayu sisitahin pero alam nyo kung cnu kayu . Open gate na nga mandaya pa!!! D.Q. ang labas nyan......


first prize.............5kphp by:founder mike and jean

second prize........ 3k php by:creatress:zubie

3rd prize......... 2k by:founder mike and jean

4rth prize.........1k php by khah

Best edited,,,,,500 php pinas load by chinita

Consultation by admin.....50 php pinas load

START GAME..10:00PM(ksa) APRIL09,2015

the gate will close 10:00pm(ksa) april23,2015

12;00PM (ksa)


6 authorized mentioners entry#2;

Margie Orain
Boyplen mo
Kris tala
Ioram Roma
Heart Koh
Lina Orpilla Valdez

Lets play fair and fun guyz.. gudluck󾌵

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