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New message from Franchesca Dimple Doculan Cabato
2015-04-09 18:00:36
To: Mark Austin Agustin

New message from Franchesca Dimple Doculan Cabato

Received: 2015-04-09 18:00:36
Franchesca Dimple Doculan Cabato
Franchesca Dimple Doculan Cabato 10:30pm Apr 9
Now ur turn. U became a
part of d game. You should have never commented or liked my status. 😛

The person who likes or comments on my status must choose one of the following phrases & post it on their own FACEBOOK WALL
for 24 hours:
1. I've been in 42 different
2. My mom arranged me for a blind date.
3. I hate him
4. I still love my ex.
5. I decided to be a gay/lesbian.
6. I like her, but I can't tell her
7. I want a baby.
8. She ditched me, but I won't
9. I'm getting married.
10. Never thought my wedding would be fixed so soon... at least
they should have asked me.
11. I think I like someone, what should I do?
12. I am going to confess something. Please support me.

Note: you can only choose one of these sentences, no explanation,no comment. When someone comments or likes your status, send this message to him/her. you must do it and please keep the secret. Don't break it's a game.

Note: you should not explain anything, just post and leave it for at
least a day. No killjoys allowed. You are trapped now. Have fun!!

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