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Betty White cures her Alzhemiers
2015-07-24 18:36:21

Betty White cures her Alzhemiers

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CNN Health: Betty White Explains How She Prevents Alzhemiers
July 24, 2015, 7:45AM

Betty White - Im 93 but my memory has only improved with age
This is what the doctor gave her

Betty White - This is how I keep my brain sharp and healthy
The full story told by Betty



The issue came to the court's attention Wednesday afternoon, when Juror 737, the foreman, sent a message to the judge asking to speak with him before the sentencing phase of the trial in the movie theater shooting began. As the rest of the jury remained out of the courtroom, Juror 737 told Samour and the attorneys that a stranger had tweeted to him over the weekend and attached a link to a Newsweek story that used his first and last names. cComments Journalism is dead. These reporters now have no ethics. RON_ONEAL1 AT 9:52 AM JULY 24, 2015 ADD A COMMENTSEE ALL COMMENTS 1 Samour regularly warns jurors to avoid all media mentions of the trial. The juror, who survived the Columbine High School shooting, said he did not read the Newsweek piece. He was, however, worried about privacy issues. "It was just weird to see my name there," Juror 737 said. "It was not cool." Defense attorney Kristen Nelson said the publication of the juror's name was "obviously a violation" and asked that Newsweek be banned from the courtroom and cited for contempt. But Samour said he thought a ban would be best: "I think issuing an order preventing Newsweek from being in the courthouse or being on courthouse premises while the proceeding continues is sufficient." Parents of Colorado theater gunman James Holmes keep a lonely vigil Parents of Colorado theater gunman James Holmes keep a lonely vigil Newsweek took down the offending items and apologized to the court in a written statement. "Newsweek mistakenly identified a juror in the Aurora, Colorado trial in an early story and social media post about the verdict against James Holmes on July 17," said Kira Bindrim, Newsweek managing editor. "When alerted to the error, Newsweek quickly updated the story to remove the juror's identity," she continued. "The social media post was also later deleted. Newsweek very much regrets these errors and respects the court's decision."
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