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The Love Won't Stop
2015-05-18 21:37:06

The Love Won't Stop

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We share the love as often as we can, but it means so much more to hear you say it back. Some favorites straight from our customers...


"I HEART HANDY. I love that I booked less than 24 hours in advance. I love that they have an iPhone app. I love that the pricing was ridiculously affordable. I love that she came on time. I love Handy!"

Essie - Yelp
Washington, DC

"I love how easy it is to schedule and edit appointments by using the app. Every cleaning or repair experience I've had has been wonderful!"

Nelly - Yelp
San Diego, CA



"I LOVE Handy. This is my third cleaning with them. My service professional is kind and always thorough. What was going to be a one-time treat is now part of my bi-weekly routine."

Camille - Yelp
Brooklyn, NY

"I have used Handy for both cleaning and moving. They show up on time and text you before arriving.
I love Handy!"

Keli - Yelp
Pasadena, CA


Sweet, right? We'd love to show your home the same kind of attention to detail that we showed these customers. Book your first home cleaning now and we'll be there in no time.


Here's to a clean home!

The Handy Team

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