Time (UTC)
eHarmony Account Update - Account Closure Notification
2015-07-22 11:33:13
To: Sakuna

eHarmony Account Update - Account Closure Notification

Received: 2015-07-22 11:33:13

Dear Customer, Based on recent review of your account information and activity, eHarmony has made the decision to close your account. We do not disclose the specific reason for our decision, however, for your consideration we can provide some general information regarding such closure decisions. The most common reason we may choose to close an account is for a violation of our Terms and Conditions regarding the misrepresentation of personal information, such as name, age, address, marital status or criminal history. On rare occasions, we also may close an account due to specific complaints about the content of a profile, communication, or for any other reason as stated in our Terms and Conditions. If you have purchased a subscription and we have confirmed that a Terms and Conditions violation has occurred, your subscription dues may have been forfeited. For any questions related to this action, you may visit our Frequently Asked Questions section concerning the closure of user accounts. You can find this information at the following link: Sincerely, Risk Management eHarmony Note: Please do NOT reply to this e-mail, as the message will be undeliverable and we are unable to respond to your reply from this address. If you have questions regarding this notification, please visit the FAQ link provided above. If you would like to contact eHarmony, please visit our Help page. n1r2