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Seller Labs Newsletter: June 24, 2015
2015-06-24 15:06:43

Seller Labs Newsletter: June 24, 2015

Received: 2015-06-24 15:06:43

Seller Labs Newsletter: June 24, 2015

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  • Amazon's new 200-character title limit
  • IRCE 2015 Sessions
  • The $25k Challenge with Patrick Muir
  • Feedback Genius 5-Star Customer: Kevin Vegors

Don't let Amazon suppress you listings

After months of speculation Amazon has finally made it clear that all new titles 200 characters or more will be suppressed from search results starting July 15. An email was sent June 16, 2015, proclaiming the new standard for product titles. Current titles with 200 characters or more will still be listed in searches but "The titles may be shortened by Amazon to meet this criteria," Amazon said in the email.

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Seller Labs at the Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition 2015

We went to Chicago June 2-4 to exhibit and attend the sessions at IRCE. We met many of our great customers and met even more potentially great new customers. The first day of sessions was targeted to people selling on Amazon, which we think had the best content for our customers overall. The second and third days were full of information that anyone selling online needs to be aware of.

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The $25k Challenge with Patrick Muir

As Patrick is further along developing Sappone Soap Molds on Amazon, he's starting to take time to improve his listings and strategy. He's taking the knowledge he's gained so far from the challenge and reinventing his brand. He's in the process now of shipping a crate of products to the US from China.

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Feedback Genius 5-Star Customer: Kevin Vegors

Kevin Vegors is an entrepreneur from Iowa who just sold his business for a seven-figure amount. Four years ago he started his health supplement company after a stint in corporate America. From there he was able to build a successful e-commerce business using his skills and strategy, along with help from Feedback Genius. We recently spoke with Kevin on the phone where he gave us details on the sale of his company, what he's currently doing, and what he has planned after returning from his two-week European vacation with his wife.

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