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Getting Started on DeviantArt!
2015-05-01 02:00:27

Getting Started on DeviantArt!

Received: 2015-05-01 02:00:27
Hello, hotpicsjohn.
Get involved in the DeviantArt experience! There are many
ways to immerse yourself into a digital world of art, so take
the first step in your adventure by logging into your account.
Getting started on DeviantArt!
Browse art:
Ignite your artistic passion by browsing DeviantArt's massive collection of art created by deviants across the globe. When a piece of art catches your eye, click the thumbnail view to see the image full-size and read a description from the artist.
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Favourite and comment:
When you find a deviation that speaks to you, add it to your Favourites or leave a comment. Not only will the artist be notified of your kind actions, but they may stop by your page to check out your own art and possibly return the favor. These simple and meaningful interactions are how our community thrives!
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+Watch new artists:
Is there an artist whose entire body of work inspires you? Visit
their Profile Page and click the "+Watch" button, and you'll receive
updates in your Message Center every time a deviation is added
to that artist's gallery. You'll never miss out on a masterpiece!
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Submit art:
Gain fans and get feedback on your art by submitting a deviation. Join the ranks of the world's largest online art community by adding your creations into the mix. There's no better way to start a conversation on DeviantArt!
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Access the full DeviantArt experience:
Upgrade to a Premium Membership to see more deviations
per page, browse advertisement free, receive advanced
feedback on your art, and much more!
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