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[PIC] shocking images exposed
2015-08-02 04:44:19

[PIC] shocking images exposed

Received: 2015-08-02 04:44:19
I wanted to give you a heads up of something the National Gun Owners Association is releasing in the next few days…

 But thought you'd enjoy the heads-up before it's released…

It's a G700 LED Flashlight..!

This picture does more justice for the flashlight than any words I can put down on paper..!

G700 LED Flashlight

They just received their shipment around an hour ago which is the reason for the e-mail. 

Last year - they sold their entire stock in 2 days! 

Don't miss out on this rare opportunity!

Get your G700 Flashlight Here

-Darren Richards

PS. If you reply to this email two days from now telling me they are all gone and asking how to get one — don't be mad when I tell you,.. you'll have to wait till next year!

Grab your G700 - You'll Love It
4025 S Old Hwy 94, STE R
Saint Charles, MO 63304
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