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[The 7 Deadly Sins of Daygame -- 1/7] How to kill attraction in a heartbeat
2015-05-26 15:20:06

[The 7 Deadly Sins of Daygame -- 1/7] How to kill attraction in a heartbeat

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Newbies always make the same mistakes. There are seven to be exact.

26th May 2015
Madrid, Spain

I've taught Daygame bootcamps for more than five years now.

Not to blow my own trumpet or anything (well, yes, actually I am I suppose), but I've probably taught more than 400 guys in dozens of countries all around the world. I know what it takes to get good at Daygame.

Do you know what's interesting?

Newbies always make the same mistakes.

Sure, I mean, everyone has their own unique sticking points, and that's what the instructors are there for. However, most of the time, guys fail to stop a girl, or keep her hooked, or grab her number, or get her out on a date, or bring her home because of the same damn mistakes.

There are seven to be exact.

I call these seven mistakes the 7 Deadly Sins of Daygame.

Don't be fooled though. They apply to just about any (would-be) sexual conversation with a women you're attracted to.

Over the next few days, I'm going to run you through all of them, and give you some solid advice you can take with you to the streets and apply.


Let's start with the biggest and most annoying:

Approval seeking.

How does a Daygame instructor (who's listening to you from a distance using his wireless microphone) know that you're seeking a girl's approval?

Because your voice will go up at the end of every sentence, and it'll sound like your asking a question when in fact you're really making a statement -- only, in a half-arsed, pansy, I'm-not-man-enough-to-commit-to-a-definitive-statement-in-case-she-doesn't-approve-of-what-I'm-saying-and-decides-not-to-speak-with-me kind of way.

You get what I'm saying?

For many guys, this is the single biggest thing they can do to dramatically improve the way girls respond to them.

(A word of warning though:

This is just ONE way in which guys express their need for approval. We cover many of the other ways in our weekly infield videos -- see below.)

Here's the thing though:

Most of the time, you don't even know it when you're seeking a girl's approval. She knows it, because it shows in the way you speak with her. But, chances are, you're oblivious because you're mind is somewhere else.

We see this time and time again with the infield video analyses we do at the end of every day on every bootcamp.

Guys get blown out, and they think it's because they ran out of things to say, or they said something stupid. When we go through and analyse the infield footage, you can literally see -- the disgust is literally written across the girls' face -- the exact moments when she gets turned off because a guy keeps raising his voice in order to seek her approval.

You can see this for yourself when you join our brand new Daygame Infield Analysis Club. It costs a measly $14.99 each month. You get a brand spanking new infield video straight to your inbox each Friday.

All the videos are of normal guys -- i.e., guys with jobs, hobbies, and normal lives like you -- who are learning Daygame.

Sometimes they succeed.

Sometimes they fail.

Every video has multiple SOLID lessons. Stuff that has the potential to take your skills with women to the next level.

Want to give it a whirl?

Join our brand new Daygame Infield Analysis Club here:


Andy Moore
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