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"Social status stacking"
2015-06-25 16:12:48

"Social status stacking"

Received: 2015-06-25 16:12:48
WARNING: If you're easily offended, delete this email. Just got word of something exciting I want to share with you today.

25th June 2015
Barcelona, Spain

WARNING: If you're easily offended, delete this email.

Just got word of something exciting I want to share with you today.

First, let me set the scene:

If getting hot girls was like hunting deer, then Daygame -- specifically, the Yad Stop (or the Yosha Stop if you're super advanced :-P) -- would be your sniper rifle.

You use it when you see ONE specific hot girl you want to meet and attract.

It's about conscious, focused effort.

We teach this to guys because it's ruthlessly efficient, and when you're learning it you get instant feedback so it's easy to adjust what you're doing and become very, very good in a relatively short space of time.

Are you with me so far?

Now, what if I were to tell you that there's BLUNDERBUSS for attraction.

It's not precise.

You can't really focus it on a specific girl, or a specific outcome.

But it'll make the best part of a whole room full of girls DROOL for your attention, while rendering all the other guys in her vicinity effectively invisible.

Would you want to know more?

Now, I've got to tell you, what I'm about to share with you does NOT work on the streets, during the day. It's for night-time venues. Specifically, clubs.

Now, the guy behind this is a LEGEND in the London "PUA scene".

You might have even heard of him.

(I'll tell you his name in a moment.)

He's notorious for the way he uses "social status stacking" to make himself a virtual rockstar in just about every venue he enters, often in as little as just a few hours.

(BTW: Just so you know, the trendiest clubs in London are often full to the brim with footballers, literal rockstars, celebrities, even royalty sometimes. Yet, this bloke uses his ingenious method to steal the spotlight from all these dudes.)

"So what?", I hear you say.

Here's where this all gets exciting:

This bloke's name is Beckster.

He's a legend in London.

I just got off the phone with him earlier, and I've managed to get him along as our guest coach for the fifth month of Abundance Program. The guys who are at this stage in the program are ready for this kind of advanced material now, and it's going to tie all the stuff they already learned together nicely.

There's more though:

He's also doing a LIVE virtual workshop (i.e., webinar) to reinforce all the material he's teaching our members. Dude, this HUGE.

It gets even better:

We're GIVING AWAY this live webinar to all Abundance Program members.

It's on the house. They don't need to pay a single penny more for this.

And, I'm not finished yet:

Dude, this is huge, huge, fricking huge.

Beckster is probably the best on the planet at this kind of stuff.

If you're in a club or bar with a hot girl (who you want to bring home, or even make your girlfriend) and you see Beckster walk in with his newly-put-together entourage of fan girls, get the heck out (with your girl) quickly.

Otherwise, you're toast dude.

This guy has a system that he's distilled and refined through years of practice. That's right. His results come from skill, not looks or style or anything like that.

If you Google his name, you'll even see that he's ginger.

Where was I?

Yes. Because of the sheer power of what he has to offer, I want to give you a fair chance to get on board and up-to-speed quickly so you can benefit from this rare opportunity.

I've just put together a special sales page for Abundance Program.

If you start a 30-day trial of Abundance Program today, from this link I'm about to share with you, you're going to get all four of the previous modules for free, on the house, right away.

This means you can build the foundation you'll need for Beckster's stuff.


Next week, when we release Beckster's module of Abundance Program, you'll get it right away AND you'll get free access to his live webinar.

All for $29.97.

Criminal. This deal is absolutely criminal, and I feel almost ashamed to give something so valuable away for such a ridiculous price.

That said, I want you to have a fair chance to benefit from this.

After all, when we promoted Abundance Program back at the beginning of the year, neither you or I had any idea something like this was on the cards. I think it's only fair I give you a chance to come aboard now.

Here's the special link you need to join:

Until tomorrow,

Andy Moore
Founder of
CEO, Lifeloaded Ltd

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