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Yad's Ultimate Texting Formula
2015-08-10 13:31:05

Yad's Ultimate Texting Formula

Received: 2015-08-10 13:31:05
Exciting announcement: Yad is back, and this could be the best webinar we've done yet.

10th August 2015
Chicago, USA

Let's talk about texting.

Now, Yad had a hard time texting girls at first. Even when he was killing it with approaches and was starting to earn a reputation as a legend in the London PUA scene, what guys didn't know what that most the numbers he got flaked or fizzle out. On a good day, he maybe got 1/10 numbers out on a date.


Fast forward eight years, and Yad now has a "formula" he uses for texting.

It's a step-by-step system that gives him consistent results. No matter what "kind" of girl he uses it on, what country she's from, how hot she is, etc.

It gets him dates.

It's something he can rely on. Texting is now a no-brainer.

Here's the really wonderful thing though:

This formula doesn't just apply to text messages. Yad uses it on Facebook too. In fact, he has his own "virtual harem" of girls he's met around the world. When he's about to travel to a new country, he uses this formula to "re-activate" the girls he met (often more than year ago) and sorts himself out with a string of dates.

Don't you think it must be cool to walk of an airplane and know that you already have three, four, maybe even five hot dates lined up and scheduled?

This is Yad's formula for ya.

It gets you dates. It works with sending texts to girls' phones. It works through Facebook messages. He even tried it on Tinder once (he lost a girl's number but saw her profile on Tinder and "pinged" her using this formula).

It. Always. Gets. Him. Results.

Well, almost always. Sometimes girls find boyfriends or they take a break from dating. But there's not a lot you can do about that, so it doesn't count. :-P

Anyway, I'll get straight to the point:

Because of the incredible response we got from Yad's Conversation Autopilot webinar we did a few months back, I've managed to convince Yad to come in and teach his texting formula next Wednesday.

It's the usual killer webinar deal.

$1 buys you a ticket.

You can sit in on the whole webinar, and yes for just $1, and you can take notes, ask Yad questions, and learn his formula. Then, put it to work in your life over the next three days. Try it out on some girls you know (or, if you're desperate, ping some random girls on Facebook).

If you're a happy camper, do nothing and we'll bill you the remaining $97. Then, I'll send you the webinar recording and "quick reference" sheet you can refer to when you're stuck on a text to send a girl and you need some fast inspiration.

If on the other hand you feel like this webinar wasn't worth it for you, just shoot me and email and I'll make sure you don't get charged. I'll also refund your $1. There will be no hard feelings.

Interested in learning more about this webinar?

Check out Yad's video below. (There's a special surprise towards the end. I don't want to spoil it for you. Just watch. You'll see what I mean.)

Yad's Ultimate Texting Formula (LIVE online masterclass):

Until tomorrow,

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