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How to record your infields (i.e. the gear we use + clever smart phone hacks)
2015-07-06 15:18:23

How to record your infields (i.e. the gear we use + clever smart phone hacks)

Received: 2015-07-06 15:18:23
Infields are important. It's good to get in the habit of recording them. BUT, two words of warning:

6th July 2015
Barcelona, Spain

Sometimes guys ask me how we film our infields.

It's something we rarely speak about, yet, it's very important. Because one of the best ways to improve your Daygame is to watch some approaches after you get home, and take notes on how you can improve.

(These analysis sessions always used to surprise me, because when you're out in the field talking to a girl, you feel like it's going great and you're walking on cloud nine. When you watch the footage later though, you can see clearly where your technique is falling apart, because you'll see her lose interest.)

So, yeah, infields are important.

It's good to get in the habit of recording them.

BUT, two words of warning:

#1: Don't make yourself conspicuous:

What I mean by this is, make sure you have a wingman or even just some random friend who can film the footage from a distance without looking like a weirdo. Smart phones are great for this, but you can also do it with a normal cam (like Martin does) if you hold your camera down low -- i.e., NOT in front of your face.

#2: Make sure you capture the audio clearly

Without the audio of the conversation, your infield video is worthless and you won't get much from it. You need to be able to hear everything you're saying, and also everything she is saying.

Here's how we do it:

We use Sony ECM-AW4s.

These are wireless bluetooth microphones, and we love them because they have a great range, the microphones are discreet (you don't have to worry about wearing a huge microphone on your neck while speaking to girls), and the audio doesn't get jumbled up when people walk in the way.

These are our first choice.

We simply plug them into our cameras -- in the external mic input -- and Robert is your mother's brother. Simple as that.

These babies cost $200 each. Worth every penny if you can afford it, and if you're serious about mastering Daygame. 

If you're on a budget though, there's a cheaper alternative:

Your smart phone.

(I've personally tested this on my iPhone and it works a treat. I'm pretty sure it'll work on other phones, but I'm not sure about the exact details.)

You'll need a set of headphones that have the built-in microphone.

(The ones that come with your iPhone are perfect.)

When I use this method, I like to pass the wire underneath my shirt, and then leave the headphones dangling out from my neck in front of my chest. In this position, the mic will pick your voice up, and it'll also pick the girl's voice up almost as well.

(To a girl -- or any passerby -- it just looks like you were listening to music, you know, like normal people do when they're out in the town.)

You then just push the record button (using your favourite dictaphone app), and then run after her and do your Yad Stop.

Hope this helps.

In an ideal world, you should use one of those wireless bluetooth microphones and have a friend record both the audio and video from a distance of around 10-20 metres.

That said, you can get an excellent analysis from just the audio by itself, since what comes out your mouth is usually what determines whether you blow it, or whether you'll get her turned on like a house on fire.

Talking of analyses:

I'm now offering virtual Daygame analysis over Skype.

Each session is 30 minutes. We'll go through a video or audio recording of your infield, and I'll take everything apart and tell you what you need to do differently to get girls turned on and wanting you.

Your investment is $97.

If you're an intermediate who has hit a plateau as you're frustrated about the lack of results you've been getting lately, or even if you're a beginner who is just getting started, then just 30 minutes with me will set you straight on the path the mastery.


Apply for a virtual infield analysis here:

(Bryan, our coaching manager, will get in touch with you and take you through the details and get you sorted out with a date and time.)

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