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[Gratis System] Made $4,500.00 In One Trade!
2015-05-22 14:04:34

[Gratis System] Made $4,500.00 In One Trade!

Received: 2015-05-22 14:04:34

"You Are About To See How Easy Making $4,500.00
In 20 Minutes Really Is And Get 2 Systems And A
Custom Indictaor AT ZERO COST
So You Can Make
Yourself Some Real Cash Later Today!"

As you are about to see, Russ Horn made $4,500.00 in cold hard spendable cash just yesterday in one trade!

He is not showing off in this video, however. He is just showing you how easily you could do the same.

And giving you the custom indicator and systems to do it with at zero cost right here:

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The systems he is giving away today are better than ones costing hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

They are also so simple to understand and use that you could be up and running, making some cold hard cash, in the next few minutes.

Get them here:

Not only will he give you two proven profitable systems 100% GRATIS!

Russ also wants to hear what you think of these. All you have to do is leave a comment about what you think of them and you could also get…
  • - A copy of Russ Horn's own personal trading system. The never before released Forex Income Boss.
    - An iPhone 6
    - A Galaxy S5
    - An iPad
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Just go here now to collect your gifts:

Are these gratis systems working for others?

"Thanks Russ.
Just made money on the GBP/USD!!! using the rejection spike along with a psych level indicator as support and resistance. It is unbelievable how many rejection spikes happen at these psych levels!!!....Thanks again for the 15 pips!!

"A very nice trading system. Can be used on the 15 minute charts with small stops and 1:1 ratio profits.I opened a trade today using this system and my first trade gained me 15 pips. I'll take that thank you very much!"

"Hi Russ, I downloaded the spike rejection manual you are a true forex trader professional i followed the rules in the manual and made my first $100 on the Aud/usd currency yesterday i saw the writing on the wall.Thanks for helping a struggling trader.Be bless!"

"Always a breath of fresh air when I hear from you. Clear, concise, solid and repeating set up this Rejection spike is. Beautifully explained in your report from your web site, Forex Income Boss (FIB), the fitting name you chose. Common sense is so uncommon nowadays, Russ, you need to repeat it to people, now and then. You realized it and put it into practice. Being a trend trader myself, I noticed these Rejection Spike setups, but I traded them rarely, unless the conditions are right for a typical pin bar setup. Yesterday was the 1st day, I took these setups, I took about 10 trades on D charts (I only trade D charts, no other time frames), amounting to 5% total exposure with 0.5% risk per trade. I am in profit of roughly $1800 so far for the week."

These guys did not pay a penny for the systems that are making them this cash, and neither will you.

Go collect your copy on the house right here:

Adrian Jones
"Next Generation Trading"

P.S. Russ only gives away systems and indicators that work. This could literally make you some money before the end of today:

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