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Dinner vouch ONLY for Sirlene.fiuza
2015-07-01 15:56:17

Dinner vouch ONLY for Sirlene.fiuza

Received: 2015-07-01 15:56:17
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Advertisement Continue reading the main storyContinue reading the main storyShare This Page Email Share Tweet Save More Continue reading the main story CAIRO Militants carried out a broad attack on Egyptian Army checkpoints and other security installations in the northern Sinai Peninsula early Wednesday, killing at least 18 soldiers and police officers, according to state news media. A militant group affiliated with the Islamic State claimed responsibility for the offensive. In a statement circulated on social media, the group said it had attacked more than 15 checkpoints and police installations, using heavy weapons including mortars and rocket-propelled grenades. The army said the checkpoints had come under attack by militants driving pickup trucks equipped with antiaircraft guns. Witnesses and security officials speaking to state news media described gunmen firing from rooftops and deploying car bombs in the town of Sheikh Zuwaid, near the checkpoints, where civilians were wounded in the fighting. The death toll in the attacks was expected to rise. Ambulance workers said roads leading to the town had been booby-trapped with explosive devices. Unnamed security officials told The Associated Press that at least 30 soldiers had been killed, and that others had been taken captive by militants who also seized armored vehicles and weapons. The militant group, which calls itself the Sinai Province of the Islamic State, has carried out similar attacks at regular intervals. The scope and the duration of the assault on Wednesday, however, which was continuing after more than five hours of fighting, made it the largest such attack in months. The assault was another blow to the government of President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, which has struggled to put down an insurgency that has resulted in the deaths of hundreds of soldiers and police officers over the last two years. On Monday, in a significant escalation, unknown militants assassinated Egypts top prosecutor by bombing his convoy in a street of the capital. The prosecutor, Hisham Barakat, is the most senior official to have been killed since the insurgency grew after the military ouster of President Mohamed Morsi, Egypts first fairly elected president and a Muslim Brotherhood leader, in 2013. Officials have blamed the Brotherhood for the killing of Mr. Barakat and other violence, though the group has denied responsibility. The sharpest challenge to the governments authority has come from the militants based in northern Sinai, who have essentially wrested control of several areas from the state. They have set up their own checkpoints and carried out attacks on soldiers seemingly at will, despite a large-scale military operation to regain control of the area.

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