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chatbox ng mga broken hahahahaha
2015-04-05 19:02:03
To: Denise Delis

chatbox ng mga broken hahahahaha

Received: 2015-04-05 19:02:03
Conversation with Denise Delis, Bien Jude, Jeh Eslopor and Jeh Eslopor II
Jeh Eslopor
Bien Jude 11:16pm Apr 5
igg screenshot adto haha
so panny hahaha d na daw sya sexy eh
Jeh Eslopor
Jeh Eslopor 11:18pm Apr 5
frown emoticon
Jeh Eslopor
Bien Jude 11:18pm Apr 5
bskan dre ka sexy tanggap ko ikaw kiss emoticon
Jeh Eslopor
Jeh Eslopor 11:19pm Apr 5
Char. Tatamayun ak ni Art. frown emoticon
Jeh Eslopor
Bien Jude 11:19pm Apr 5
susuntukon ko hiya
Jeh Eslopor
Jeh Eslopor 11:20pm Apr 5
Tapos maykn hya na 'baboy tk uyab.chubby. Chubby kmn?'Lmao. Kailangan tlga itanong? Ugh.
Jeh Eslopor
Bien Jude 11:21pm Apr 5
Jeh Eslopor
Jeh Eslopor 11:22pm Apr 5
Dre kaya
Hain na h Dens?
Jeh Eslopor
Bien Jude 11:23pm Apr 5
Jeh Eslopor
Jeh Eslopor 11:31pm Apr 5

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