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2015-04-04 15:53:20
To: Ash XD

WSSS <3 <3

Received: 2015-04-04 15:53:20
Conversation with Seltigen Macalintal Ü, Jan Arden Sangullas, Acoh Si Seh, Realyn Lee, Wenna Batcheril, Bernadeth Magno, Liberty Magnampo, Salazar Joy Nicole, Angeline Andaya, Luisa Ann Cañete Batayola, Ako Cii Ar'jay Hernaez, Jake Abellera, Laycka Mae Galido Mancera, Ash XD, Jaslie Signey, Czarina XD, Ann Caparas, Joyce Esguerra, Rosemarie Alcantara, Joy Rezada, Jhoy Tolentino Quino, Rolly Alpon, Reinalyn Castro, Clint Lopez, Nehr Nabal, Anirazc XD, Hans Signey and Gizelle Chua Victoria
Jan Arden Sangullas
Reinalyn Castro 10:46pm Apr 3
Jan Arden Sangullas
Jan Arden Sangullas 1:41am Apr 4
gandang hapon !
Jan Arden Sangullas
Jan Arden Sangullas 5:23am Apr 4

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