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Please resubmit application. We have found you a lender.
2015-08-16 13:47:08

Please resubmit application. We have found you a lender.

Received: 2015-08-16 13:47:08

Your Loan Status May Have Changed

Because you have submitted your information for funding to one of our
lending partners, we can make getting the cash you need so much easier.

Your information is stored with the lender and all you have to do is
let them know you are still looking for a loan, fill in a few fields
and they can bring your application right back up for you to resubmit
making it extremely quick.

If you are tired of filling out application after application, then just
follow this link and see how we can help you get up to $5000 with just a
few clicks of your mouse.


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* Rock Water Marketing does not have or store sensitive personal information.
We simply are sending you this correspondence because you have applied for a
loan with our partner company. Our goal is to help get you connected with
the lender to help you get the funding you requested.

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