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Woohoo! Successfully Listed: lol
2015-08-15 13:23:31
To: depressedteenagers

Woohoo! Successfully Listed: lol

Received: 2015-08-15 13:23:31

Hello depressedteenagers,

Your item's successfully listed on the Carousell marketplace. We've created a nice little web page for your item, check it out:

Here are 3 steps you should take to get your listing seen by more people:

1. Tweet about your new listing

2. Share it to Facebook

3. Post to a list of buy/sell Facebook Groups

Click here for more tips to help you sell better :)

P.S. Always deal with someone locally and meet-up in a public area. Never send your items to an overseas address. If it's too good to be true, it's likely a scam.

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