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I am a married guy who is lonely now. My wife is out of town by Friday. In our marriage, sex is getting nothing exciting. I want to know how exciting sex can be. No serious relationship wanted. I am fed up with sex dating site with full of lies I wasted all my time and energy this past week. So I am here to give a last shot. I am healthy young horny Asian guy whose wife is white American (Surprised?). I always prefer white lady for my sexual desire. I am without STD or anything. I want you to be the same. I also like blonde hair with light colored eyes for women. My wife is curvy, so slimmer body that I want to feel (Too much to ask for?). I want to meet somewhere comfortable at night and spend some time to get to know you and go to a hotel for the night. I will treat you well. Yes. wanna see your photo beforehand and I will show mine too. Looking forward to meeting you secretly tonight.

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