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Here is your horoscope for the month of august, Dsds
2015-08-01 13:47:11
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Here is your horoscope for the month of august, Dsds

Received: 2015-08-01 13:47:11
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My Extraordinary Letter of august
Newsletter - Maria

Hello Dsds,

In this month of august, you will find, in this letter, your horoscope along with my latest articles on the esoteric universe.
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What changes are in store for you this month, Dsds? Professional or love life, health or finances? I’ll reveal all of this in your horoscope.
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1.    What is Kabbalah numerology?

Kabbalah texts are made of words composed of 22 Hebrew letters, each one of them having its own symbolism and corresponding to a number. The bond between numerology and Kabbalah is...

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2.    The Tower Tarot Card – a positive or negative one?

The denomination, death card, is without the shadow of a doubt the most dreaded among the Tarot of Marseille cards. But what message does...

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3.    Oomancy, a surprising reading tool

When an item gets lost, we usually do everything it takes to retrieve it, especially if it is a precious object such as a ring or the only key to the strong-box. We’d go as far as to call on unusual methods such as...

May this month’s letter open new perspectives to turn your life into a marvelous existence.

In all friendship,
Maria - Universal Medium - Numerology and Tarology
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