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Welcome to K7!
2015-06-13 19:55:48

Welcome to K7!

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Welcome to K7 Unified Messaging, a totally free universal messaging service. This internet-based global messaging service is designed to simplify all of your telecommunication needs. Your Account Information: Email: Phone Number: 206-222-2041 Security Code: 3696 When you take full advantage of K7 Unified Messaging, you'll have the convenience of checking both your faxes and your voice mail in one location - your computer!. We've provided you with your own private U.S. phone number, now all you need to do is give the number to your friends, family, business associates and whomever else you choose. Our e-mail messenger will forward their voice mail and fax messages to your e-mail address as attachments for you to access along with your regular e-mail messages. Your K7 account has been set up with the GSM wave file format which provides you with a lower quality sound but takes up less space than the PCM formatted files. If you would like to change file formats, please go to our website at and click on 'My K7'. When you call 206-222-2041, you will hear the default greeting. To personalize your greeting, press the star (*) key as soon as K7 answers. You will then be prompted to enter your 4-digit security code. Just follow the instructions to record your personal greeting. A maximum of 20 messages can be stored on the web site. After which, the newest message erases the oldest. Messages will be saved for only 14 days on the web site. K7 desires to provide numbers to customers that will use our service. Please test your number - if a K7 number does not receive a voice or fax message within 72 hours of activation it will be terminated for non-use. If a K7 number is inactive for 30+ days (use is determined as a voice message or fax message to that number), we will terminate the account for non-use. If your account ever does become terminated, you can register online for a new account. K7 Unified Messaging is a product of International Telecom LTD ( one of the most innovative telecommunications companies in the business. As a customer, we invite you to discover the many other powerful services we offer, including: Kall8 ( ) Kallcents ( ) Kallback ( ) Faxaway ( ) Get ready to save time and money with the use of these services! Thanks again for becoming a K7 customer. To help you become even more familiar with our service and various features, or to answer any questions, we encourage you to view our website Sincerely, K7 Unified Messaging K7 Unified Messaging is a service of International Telcom LTD "Where the Internet meets the telephone."