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Your Costco-Cash ends on Wednesday Scream - please activate
2015-07-29 15:00:58

Your Costco-Cash ends on Wednesday Scream - please activate

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Costco Insider-July-2015 - "In Xinjiang, close to 96% of the water is used for agriculture. In the world, this is the highest share," (Pay farmers). The farmers of China are forced to work extra hard to maintain their current yields from year to year. The farmers have done what the government has asked of them by moving to various regions and making something out of nothing. The use of water in these areas to farm is very difficult and wasteful which is why there have been different techniques used to alleviate this problem. According to Chen Mengshan, director of Agricultural Production Department in the Ministry of Agriculture, "by dissemination dry farming and water-saving irrigation techniques in arid farming areas, we could raise the output of two-thirds of the western regions to the country's average level" (New Technology).
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