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The transition to natural hair
2016-08-31 12:22:52

The transition to natural hair

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Taking the scissors to your hair can be traumatic

Embarking on the Transition to Natural Hair

Once you've made the decision to trade in your relaxed locks for natural hair, you have two basic choices: cutting off all the processed hair and rocking a short fro or going through the transition process.

Taking the scissors to your hair can be traumatic, but it can also be liberating. There will be no more hiding behind your hair or cute hairstyles to try out. What there will be is a lot of freedom and extra time on your hands. While this is the simplest option, requiring one trip to the salon, it's just not for everyone. Let's face it, transitioning from processed, relaxed straight hair of any length to a one-inch fro is pretty darn dramatic. It can be a shock to your system. On the other hand, you are starting fresh with healthy natural hair and there is nowhere to go but longer!

The second option, transitioning, entails growing out your processed hair while your natural hair grows in. Transitioning is typically an exercise in patience and brings with it a variety of concerns and special needs, since you will be dealing with two types of hair that feel and look very different and have different needs.

Breakage during your transition time is of paramount concern. You'll find that moisturizing on a regular basis (as well as periodic deep conditioning), being diligent about detangling, and minimizing heat damage (try to nix that hair dryer) will make the process go smoother. You'll also want to periodically trim off the processed ends to eliminate breakage and help the hair look healthier.

You'll also want to experiment with new (protective) hairstyles – that keep your new growth stretched a bit so it blends with your relaxed hair – and/or ways to disguise your demarcation line. Cute headbands and scarves are always an option (not to mention great fashion accessories), and then there are braid-outs, twist-outs, and the good old roller sets.

Check out the helpful tips at the links below from pro-bloggers, industry leaders, and women who have been down the transitioning road before.

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- Curlkit Team

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