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Don't Miss Out on 30% Savings
2016-08-29 12:03:24
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Don't Miss Out on 30% Savings

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Hey there Curly Girl! 

We wanted to remind you that you have 30% savings waiting for you! Just use coupon code FALL30 at checkout!

The natural hair journey can often leave you feeling like a hot mess. There are an endless amount of products on the market! You know how it goes. You buy it hoping it works, it doesn’t, and you’re left with a bathroom full of hair products you never use. 

Don’t even get us started about all the wasted money.

That’s where Curlkit comes in!

We do all the work and sort through only the best natural curly hair products on the market and each month you get a box full of our best picks delivered right to your door!

And with 30% OFF, we're practically giving you the box. There is no better time to become a Curlkit subscriber

The Curlkit Team

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