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Getting your First Article Published (publishing rules)
2016-02-13 10:45:22
To: Sura Rima

Getting your First Article Published (publishing rules)

Received: 2016-02-13 10:45:22
Hey Sura Rima,
Carson here from Street Articles.  As Kyle briefly mentioned to you yesterday, I am the other co-founder of Street Articles...and like Kyle, my goal is to help make Street Articles the best experience for you as an author, writer, and reader.  
So, I would like to reach out to you today and let you know about the best communication channel if you every have any questions or want to seek out some help within Street Articles, our very active blog (we frequent it almost every day and get back to your questions and suggestions!).
Here is the link:
This is where you can ask general questions.  As Kyle mentioned yesterday, you can also spend some time taking a look around our blog as there is some really powerful information on there on the best practices for writing articles at Street Articles.
Today I want to show you how you can get your first article published and approved within Street Articles.  It is pretty easy and I want to simplify it down to 3 steps:
Step 1: Choose a topic for your article
The first step is to choose a topic.  This typically starts with either a keyword, a news item, or something that you just want to get out there!  This should be in a niche that you are interested in, passionate about, and like to talk and write about.  
Say I am interested in writing about "basketball"  I personally use as my kewyord research tool, but you can also use Google's Free Keyword tool.  This will give you some ideas as to keywords that you could target in your article title.
Here are some concepts I could write about:
basketball training
basketball proper shooting technique
shooting tips for basketball
basketball tickets
basketball jump training
proper technique for shooting a basketball
Or I could write on some of the latest news items relating to basketball.  Go to Google News for this and do a search and write your own story pertaining to some of the latest news.
And search terms related to the theme you plan on writing about.  In this case I could search:
nba basketball
basketball training
college basketball
women's basketball
You will get lots of ideas for articles.  
Step 2: Break down into 6 topics
The next step is to break down your article into smaller topics.  This will make the writing easier to do.  Let's say for example that I am using the same niche, basketball and I decide to write "proper technique for shooting a basketball".
I would then divide this into smaller topics.
1: introduction to the importance of shooting a basketball
2. how long you need to dedicate to this
3. proper hand positioning on the ball
4. what you should be doing with the lower body
5. the follow through
6. re-emphasize the importance of this.
Step 3: Write the article
Your last step, is writing out the actual article.  If you are interested in the topic, this should not take you too long as the minimum requirement is 400 words.  By this I mean, no longer than 45 minutes.   Write naturally and write with your readers in mind.  Remember, if you don't write engaging content, nobody is going to read it. 
Quality content and the "reader" should be the focus with all of your content.
Be sure you add an image.  Here is some information on how to do this in an efficient manner...
After you do this, submit your article for moderation.  We review all of our content for quality, so please make sure you are comfortable with our publishing guidelines before you submit any content.
I want to leave you today with an important word of advice.  If your article is PROMOTIONAL, we will not accept it at Street Articles.  Our focus is the reader and if your article does not deliver helpful, engaging and interesting content, then you may want to consider submitting your articles elsewhere.  We REWARD quality content!
Hope you have a great day!
Co-founder of
Author @ StreetArticles (Name: Carson)

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