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  Martin Hume  
Martin Hume @martinhume
Christian, self employed, no political party, against Geoengineering,...
Followed by Dirty Unkuls and 4 others.
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OpChemtrails @OpChemtrails
The OFFICIAL #OpChemtrails Acc | TWEETSTORMS | Joint Acc |...
Followed by Selina and Alex Jones Podcasts.
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  Mark Steer  
Mark Steer @SteerMark
ClimateChange lies. Twitterstorm Weds, Fri&Sat Chemtrails H.A.A.R.P....
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  Suggestions based on JimmY JimmY  
Шефот @danidurant75
Followed by Бонд Џејмс Дин and 72 others.
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  Нели ти реков Ибраим  
Нели ти реков Ибраим @StoleInter
Snap: stoleinter
Followed by На мама вредниот and 112 others.
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  Јордан Пиперката  
Јордан Пиперката @Kozica_Cer
Followed by EOvaka and 116 others.
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  Suggestions based on towalkonMountains... towalkonMountains...  
Feminine NOT Feminist, Rare Conservative in a very Blue state, & Staunch...
Followed by Macedonia For Trump and 32 others.
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Carol @Carolde
I am retired from nursing. Passion for health care,,, lifetime Dem...
Followed by Macedonia For Trump and 49 others.
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  New Jersey ❤️ Trump  
New Jersey ❤️ Trump @NewJersey4Trump
Proud Jersey Girl RE❤️TRUMP❤️LICAN. Followers are 100% supporters of...
Followed by Andrew Morgan (Real) and 42 others.
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