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Black conservative fighting back
2016-08-15 21:10:31
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Black conservative fighting back

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Dear Fellow Conservative, Do you ever just wonder: what on earth is going on with the liberals in the Democrat party?

Please find a special message from one of our advertisers, Committee to Elect Darryl Glenn.

Dear Fellow Conservative,

Do you ever just wonder: what on earth is going on with the liberals in the Democrat party? 

Do they just have no clue what they're doing to America? Or are they are so spiteful of the American way of life that they are actively working to destroy it?

Here in Colorado, we have a prime example of it: our Senator voted for Obamacare and STILL stands by it.

He wants higher taxes, more restrictions on the second amendment, and abortions right up until birth.

And he has voted to make America less safe by casting the deciding vote in favor of the Iranian nuclear deal.

Michael Bennet likes to parade around Washington like he's a moderate, but make no mistake: he's a stone-cold liberal putting your life and your children's lives at risk.

He has to be stopped. Your donation is the way we do it.

Let me back up a second: my name is Darryl Glenn. I am a Christian, constitutional conservative. I’m a veteran. I am the Republican Nominee for U.S. Senate in Colorado.  

Now, you probably haven't heard of me because I definitely wasn't who the establishment hacks in DC wanted. But I am the candidate of grassroots conservatives- I got my support from folks like Mike Lee and Ted Cruz, and I stood on stage to support our nominee Donald Trump at the Republican National Convention.

I'll gladly keep that company over the K Street crowd any day of the week.

If I sound like the kind of man who belongs in the Senate, I hope you'll donate to our campaign now.

I'm not who the Establishment wanted as the nominee, and that's the problem: they only want professional politicians who think that the US Senate is their birthright because they come from a fancy family.  

So yes, I drive them crazy. But I drive the Left even crazier. 

Because white liberals can't stand when a black conservative tells the truth... they call me crazy because I'm a Christian, constitutional conservative. They call me extreme because I believe in fighting terrorists instead of appeasing them and sending them stacks of cash.

I don't think thats crazy. Do you?

I think what IS crazy is a party that believes a baby doesn't have any rights until it "leaves the hospital". . .  

Crazy is giving 400 million dollars to Iranian mullahs who KILL AMERICANS. Crazy is stealing healthcare rights from every American in the name of big-government. 

Conservative, I will never stop fighting for you. I will do whatever it takes to carry the torch of liberty on your behalf.  

So if you can help me out with $35 today, I would be most grateful. If  you can help with an even larger gift of $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000 or $2,000, I ask that you please consider doing that.

I will always give you everything I've got. 


Darryl Glenn
U.S. Air Force Lieutenant Col. (Ret.)
Republican Nominee for U.S. Senate, Colorado

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